The shortest player automatically becomes the game boss. This makes him or her supreme ruler over any discrepancies that may occur during play.


Once you have finished arguing over who gets which colour, place the playing pieces on the Start space and give each player a set of A, B, C, and D answer cards.


The game boss becomes the first reader. The reader draws a card from the question box and poses it to the player on his or her left—who is now called the subject.

All players then predict which option (A, B, C, or D) on the question card they think the subject will choose by placing one of their answer cards face down in front of them. For yes or no questions, A is yes and B is no.

The subject selects an answer (the correct answer) by also placing an answer card face down in front of himself or herself.

Starting with the player on the subject’s left, the players then reveal their predictions by flipping over their answer cards. The subject is the last player to flip, revealing the correct answer.


All players who correctly guessed the subject’s answer move ahead one space for every option on the question card (if there were two options, they move ahead two spaces; if there were three options, they move ahead three spaces; and if there were four options, they move ahead four spaces).

The subject moves ahead one space for every player who predicted his or her answer correctly (if one person predicted correctly, the subject moves ahead one space; if two people predicted correctly, the subject moves ahead two spaces, etc.).

Ask Again Spaces

If the subject lands on an Ask Again space, he or she remains the subject for another turn. Otherwise, they become the next reader, and the person to his or her left becomes the next subject. Ask Again spaces only apply to the subject.

Switch Spaces

When a player lands on a Switch space, he or she must switch positions on the board with the player in first place or in last place, depending on whether they landed on Switch Forward or Switch Back.

Just Kidding Cards

If the reader draws a Just Kidding card (marked in the bottom right corner), he or she reads the question as if it were a normal card in an attempt to make the subject laugh. If the subject does laugh, the reader moves ahead one space and draws another question (the Just Kidding card is not played).

Ending the Game

The game ends when a player reaches the Finish space or, alternatively, when someone spills coffee on the game board.


Have fun!