1. Set Up

You'll need answer cards and a game board. You can use regular playing cards, with aces acting as As, 2s acting as Bs, Read more...

2. Play

Welcome to Funny You Should Ask, the best darn game on the World Wide Web. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it. Read more...

3. Score

Eventually, you’ll be able to maintain players, enter results, and keep scores online But for now, simply use the... Read more...

Meet your friends and family all over again with this great new online board game.

Originally marketed in the 1990s (Madonna and Seinfeld played often), Funny You Should Ask has now been redesigned for the World Wide Web.

It’s easy (plus it’s free). Here’s how it works. The original game had four components:

Use the web for your questions and do everything else manually (like you’re playing a real board game). It’s an awesome idea. Kind of like a hybrid between the old and the new.

We’d like to thank our sponsor, Western Canadian Software, for making this game free for all the good people out there. And we’d like to thank our inventors for creating such a wonderful medium of conversation.

Read the rules, play a few questions to get the hang of it, and then click on Set Up to get going.